Worth The Scars

Guest posting for us is Brianna McGraw, speaking on pastoral stress from an inside perspective –a window on the world of a “P.K.”

When I reflect on how being a pastor’s kid has affected my life, I see joys as well as sorrows. As a “P.K.”, I have seen and experienced many things in the church that if not for my personal intimate relationship with the Lord and the guidance of my parents, I may very well have walked away from church altogether. Having been a part of three different churches over the course of my life, I have seen the dynamics of the church from the worst to the greatest.

The hardest part for me being a “P.K.” is that unfortunately, I have seen many people, not only in the congregation but also on staff mistreat my parents. It is hard for me to watch all this happen and not have the ability to stop it. The saying in our home is, “Vengeance belongs to the Lord.” I am able to repay those people with kindness because of my parents’ reminder of this verse –but also because they are the ones who act out kindness first, knowing the Lord will do His part. I know it is not the case for most “P.K.”s to have parents like mine.

There seem to be few with parents who serve the Lord wholeheartedly no matter what. I am blessed with the parents the Lord has given me. Even if it’s hard at times, I still say I am blessed even more with parents who are pastors. The life of ministry is not an easy one, but it is a fulfilling one. Knowing you are doing the work of the Father is worth all the hard times. I would not have it any other way.